Yesterday evening we played and it was a blast. There was a huge fight with four female trolls (which have the power to fascinate/illusion if stared in the eyes in P&P).

These trolls were actually found in a forest at night whilst cooking two poor fellows and my players stumbled into them trying to reach a sage's abode to secure the doctrine of darkness.

Also, in the night pitch black they heard scary noises over their heads (i used sound effects to achieve this) -bats flying around and an eerie feeling of being observed.

Anyway.....changing topic

Lately I've been thinking of expanding this website I would like to take care of four new topics, namely: literature advice and comics sharing (both in the horror and fantastic vein of course), plus the adding of some inspiring/atmospheric music to be used during play sessions
Last but not least reviews of old fantasy movies (it's in the blog logo i know but i still haven't focused enough on that).

Also, i have the Spawn of fashan project scheduled.
And i didn't forget about Perils eternal project. Yesterday a sudden thought came to me:in order to preserve this game for the generations to come there is need of a streamlined version, much similarly to what happened with Swords & Wizardry and i can provide that.

But the topic of this post relies mainly on these four potential addenda: fantasy movies, weird and fantastic vintage comics, horror and imaginative fiction and macabre poetry, thrilling music to be used in play.

Am i going to add these? Still uncertain.


My battered copy of P&P..going to make a new character tonight

Tonight i'm going to make a new P&P character, because a friend of mine (he who introduced me into the rpg hobby in the eighties  and who is currently playing AD&D 2nd edition) is willing to become part of my group of players.

That's good! He never heard about P&P before. He is currently DMing AD&D so i'm curious to ascertain what his reaction to this game will be like tonight.

I'll bury him with formulaes!

Below, my battered copy of P&P :)

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