The Lost Shrine of Kasar-Khan (1985)

Today i thought it was a good idea to share with you two rare adventures for AD&D from the past.


The Complete Dungeon Master is a series of adventures published by Beast Enterprises between 1984 and 1987. Designed by Simon Forrest and Basil Barrett under the Tortured Souls name, the modules were intended for use with any fantasy roleplaying game system. Rules are included for playing the adventures using D&D, AD&D or Runequest. Each scenario came with detailed colour floorplans of the complexes, produced by Endless Games (II), along with a DM's screen and atmospheric handouts.
The campaign is predominantly a wilderness adventure with each module featuring a 'dungeon' to explore. These take the form of ruined Dwarven complexes, with the exception of CDM4, 'The Feathered Priests', in which the action takes place in a mountaintop monastery.
Four installments were published:
Info about the adventures, with links to the descriptions, can be found here.
I'm bringing you the first two adventures today, and as you can see they are even out-of-print at Noble Knight website, check this link to see- so please don't forget to join my blog and share the links if you appreciate my work and efforts.
You can find other interesting info here .

Enjoy the first two of these modules, grabbing them HERE. and HERE.


Time to support Aquelarre RPG!

Today i happily stumbled upon the kickstarter of an english edition of Aquelarre.

I am among those who had been waiting for such an event to take place for quite a long time.

I remember reading threads on the RPG.NET forum where people asked for a readable edition in their language, because there were hints (without taking into account the interior art which is gorgeous and successfully captures and conveys a sense of dark medieval times) that this game could possibly be even better than Ars Magica in providing the true and final medieval fantasy experience, so to speak.

So i didn't linger even for an instant to participate in this kickstarter and i already became a backer.
Today's post is to highlight all this in case it had escaped your radar.

The link to the above-mentioned kickstarter is this one.


Lords of creation (1983)

From Wikipedia:

Lords of Creation was a table top role-playing game published by Avalon Hill in 1983 and 1984.[1][2] The game was written by Tom Moldvay[3][4] who also worked on the games Dungeons and Dragons and Star Frontiers.
Lords of Creation was not set in a single genre but was designed to allow players to play their characters through scenarios in settings varying from fantasy to science fiction to modern espionage. Characters gained powers and skills as they progressed, including magical abilities and high tech cybernetics. Their progression leads to demigod status, the character becoming a "Lord of Creation" with the ability to create their own pocket universe.
The game broke the fourth wall, encouraging players who had advanced their characters to Lord of Creation status to then in turn take the role of gamemaster, refereeing the game in their character's pocket universe.
The game came in a box containing the rulebook, the Book of Foes (containing statistics for creatures to fight, historical figures and examples of other Lords of Creation), and dice.
Three adventure modules were published for the game:
The Horn of Roland was an introductory adventure, the beginning of which is set in a science fiction convention and eventually leads to the Bermuda Triangle. This module also came with a pad of blank character sheets for the game.
The Yeti Sanction was set in the 1980s (modern day at the time of publication) and involved the characters tracking down the kidnapped Secretary of State. It also came with a GM screen and the scenario included expanded rules for cars, vehicle modification, vehicular combat, and chases.
Omegakron was set in the future, after a nuclear war in the city of Akron, Ohio.
Two other adventure modules were announced, The Tower of Ilium and The Mines of Voria, but were never released.


Spawn of Fashan now for everyone

It's satisfying when you can see with your own eyes that you contributed to something- today i noticed that the version of "Spawn of fashan" rpg that i distributed some time ago on this blog for the very first time - has been put online in such a way that if you make a search for the pdf version of the game using a google query the first page results that pops up immediately contains the link to the digital version.

The web site (which i am not affiliated in any way with) is called archive.4plebs.org and you'll find SOF at this link.


The World of Synnibar

The main purpose of this blog is broadening knowledge about old and obscure fantasy role-playing game, but from time to time i try to highlight games of niche which aren't strictly "fantasy" but nonetheless are hard to obtain nowadays in their original form.

I already made an exception with "Reich Star" (link here), and today i go on with another game: "The World of Synnibar".

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