Proportional combat system (1986)

Even among the most Advanced Dungeons & Dragons fanatics scattered around the globe, only a few are aware of the existence of this alternative combat systen for AD&D that was published in 1986.

 At last, i managed to obtain a copy, and it is odd that it is this blogger who eventually has the burden of unveiling this super-rare item to OSR enthusiasts.

Stay tuned while i dive into this forsaken piece of history.

The premises are quite interesting, that i must admit: the authors argue that this system will change the way AD&D is played.

The point is that this 14 page booklet is something new and never-before-seen in the field of AD&D study and analysis, and precisely in this lies its value.

How many in the eighties adopted this alternative combat rules, and more importantly why? The authors' claims are sound? Is this really a better system than the one devised by Gigax?

If one is sick and tired of always reading the same old threads on forums such as Dragonsfoot, here is a one-of-a-kind AD&D item that has resurfaced, for them to ponder. Just when you thought you knew everything about the most famous ever fantasy rpg. As i said, i will read this and tell you, my dear readers.

We'll make this voyage together.

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