Chivalry & Sorcery 2nd edition

Need i say more?

Probably, the best fantasy rpg ever written.

The second edition of Chivalry & Sorcery includes three core rulebooks.

Book 1 discusses character creation, special character traits, experience and advancement, and an introduction to fantasy role-playing games.
Book 2 discusses combat, feudal age economics, and tournaments.
Book 3 discusses magic, magical combat, demons, beasts, monsters, non-player characters, and the undead.

All three books contain lots of charts and illustrations.


Krabat: The Sorcerer's Apprentice (1978)

Krabat, a beggar boy in early 18th century Lusatia, is lured to become an apprentice to an evil, one-eyed sorcerer. Together with a number of other boys, he works at the sorcerer's mill under slave-like conditions while learning black magic, such as guising himself as a raven and other animals. Every Christmas one of the boys has to face the master in a magical duel of life and death, where the boy never stands a chance because the master is the only person who is allowed to use his secret grimoire: The Koraktor, or the Force of Hell.

One Easter while performing an annual ritual near a small village, Krabat meets a girl and falls in love, but has to keep the romance secret in order to protect her. After witnessing his friends one after one being helplessly slaughtered by the master every Christmas, Krabat starts to sneak up at night to study the forbidden book. On the last page of the book, Krabat finds a phrase saying: "Love is stronger than any spell." This is used when he ultimately has to defeat his master for the sake of love.


You have never witnessed such an event in the OSR until today

Where i unveil one of the most mysterious gems of the old-school history: SPAWN OF FASHAN.

Yes, i'm not kidding and you are not dreaming.

You may have heard about this on forums and elsewhere, and you should already know that an aura of legend surrounds this product.

Catacomb librarian believes this game from the past is actually playable and that hidden inside its convoluted pages lies something dormant.

I promised i would offer this and i keep my promises.

So today, more than any other day since i opened this blog i daresay:

if you want to listen again about dungeons & dragons and the like, go to any blog out there and you'll be satisfied- but if your thirst cannot be quenched by that, then continue your journey here.

I won't be squandering my time with what is already known to the masses.

Thank you for having been with me until today, let's rejoice.

DOWNLOAD LINKS: ask in comments


Nothing should remain recondite for the future generations

Those who follow this blog (126 until now) know that i am basically here to get rid of Dungeons & dragons and to spread the gospel of all the other OLD SCHOOL fantasy role-playing games.

Well, i made some effort until now and there is more to come, but know that i won't be here forever.

I am actually planning to close this blog by November, 2014.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to write posts on a regular basis, but i still want to do something for the benefit of future generations of players.

Since i can help, i will. And then i will have reached my aim and i can disappear.

After all, what is important are the games, so at some point there won't be need to write anymore. If one person after coming to know a new rpg decides to quit playing D&D in order to give that game a chance, i will have reached my goal.

We are in 2014 now, fantasy rpg history started forty years ago and it is so disheartening to see people still playing Dungeons & Dragons as if nothing else existed.

But they are not guilty, the problem is the lack of information, the lack of availability of these old games. They are usually just something collected by greedy persons who store them in the glass case and then throw away the key.

The only fantasy rpg that i miss in my collection is "Phantasy conclave", with this exception i own every fantasy rpg listed in the rpg encyclopedia website.

This is why my perspective has always been different from that of other bloggers and i never felt the need to be affiliated with any of them, avoiding to have a blogroll.

Everyone is free to take the path he desires, my path has been that of discovering, of studying. And i found out many amazing things! If you read my blog, chances are that the same flame is burning inside you.

So, don't be sad now for what i wrote and let's continue this voyage together.
There is still a bright horizon ahead...follow my steps.

INFO: http://rpggeek.com/rpgitem/57062/lands-of-adventure
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