March Madness - Non-D&D OSR Blog Challenge


Tedankhamen has had a very good idea and i'm sharing it with you all.
Without further ado, follow this link and read about his project.

Obviously, i am going to participate. I think such a proposal would be very welcomed if addressed to a forum such as Acaeum, but i suspect that there aren't many bloggers lurking over there.

But there are so many OSR websites around, so i'm expecting reactions and many adherents.

So, let us smash the gates leading to forgotten treasures!

Striving to be a better game master

Can you suggest some good source other than the ones listed below:

1) "Master of the game" plus "Role playing mastery" by Gygax (but i never read them, i am just curious).

2) Several articles in Dragon magazine and in White dwarf magazine such as these series by Lewis Pulsipher

3) This little books that entice me that i found on rpgnow.com (again, i haven't bought them yet)


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