Tortured souls #7

Here you are, one more issue of this wonderful old magazine packed with AD&D adventures and scenarios.

I already posted TS 1,3 and 4 besides this, so if someone missed the previous entries, let me know in the comment form below.


Clark Ashton Smith - rare articles & essays I

The last post of the day is about Clark Ashton Smith.

I'm beginning to post here some old essays and articles about him and his works that aren't currently on Eldritch dark website, so they are pretty rare (as everything you find on my blog, after all).

I recently bought the first paperback volume of "The Collected fantasies of Clark Ashton Smith" published by Night Shade Books this month for the first time.

They are in fact re-publishing all the series, but this time in softcover format rather than hardback format.

The Bard of Auburn has always been my main inspiration and the writer who had the biggest impact on my imagination, so from time to time you can expect posts about him on this site.

And i come back with...a collection of rare adventures for AD&D!

In some old posts on this blog i offered TS1 and TS3 (though i'm petty sure someone missed them-in that case, ask)- and since i remember these were appreciated and some readers had the desire of seeing the rest of it, i thought it was fit for my return in the blogosphere if i could provide TS material again.

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