Wizards of the lost kingdom

One of the early goals of my blog was to highlight forgotten fantasy movies together with obscure fantasy role-playing games. I think i stressed it many years ago, in some of my first posts. But then somehow i focused my attention almost exclusively on the pen and paper side.

Obviously, there are more obscure fantasy games out there than obscure fantasy movies - nonetheless, there are some flicks which deserves attention. One of the pre-requisite to appreciate these movies is probably to be able to easily fall in love with the underrated, be it a movie or a boxed set of a game no one nowadays talks about.

I am very prone to this kind of feeling (and you know that if you follow this blog), so today while perusing some old files on my laptop it occurred to me that this is still a somewhat unfulfilled feature of my blog, and that it's about time to bring to your attention some of these films.

"Wizards of the lost Kingdom" (1985) represents what comes to my mind when i imagine playing Dungeons & Dragons. Honestly. I imagine such an outlandish, psychedelic turmoil.

One month ago someone uploaded the entire movie on Youtube, you can now watch it in all its glory (it's dubbed in english language, with finnish subtitles).


I would fain play these games perpetually

I am a collector of vintage role-playing games, and I usually eschew new games.
I would have no qualms with playing them once or twice, or even with buying them.
As an example,  I bought "The One Ring" RPG last year, played it several times,  and had a great time with it.

It would be interesting to learn what a teenager who has just entered this hobby thinks about old-school blogs in general; some among them may undoubtedly appreciate our efforts, whilst others may feel we are just gibbering useless things.
Thus, they would not tarry too long perusing our posts- those posts that we painstakingly type to not let these old games sink into oblivion.

But I must admit that- whichever is the feedback I got in all these years, my enthusiasm never quailed.
In this respect I look like those bold characters in our adventures...the idea of exploring a subterranean dungeon doesn't make them quail, instead they venture there with eagerness.

I know, many turned their faces away from my blog during time, mainly because I lambasted more than once AD&D, pointing my love and attention towards other games.
This made my old-school blog a particular one, and only those fellow gamers who shared similar views as mine kept reading what I had to say.
So this is the occasion I have to thank you all for your support.

I will keep trying to quench your thirst about old -unheard of- games, you can stay assured. The goal of this blog never really changed.
I don't want to sway others using logical argument to like what I like; I am just providing knowledge.

But I hold in great esteem curiosity, that is why I cherish many, many games- not just once- and I must distribute my love accordingly, to the eternal chagrin of persons who fully embrace one game and get lost in it.

So for the future I am concocting new posts about obscure games, again to shed light on them and make their mechanics available to the masses.
My claim won't be belied, I don't forget what I promise. Maybe it takes a lot of time, but in the end I usually do it (for instance, take into consideration my revised project of "Perils Eternal". I never forget that, I am still slowly working on it).

My aim is to bamboozle hard-core D&D players! I will constantly unveil competitor games :)

So if you concur with me, keep following my blog.


Alternate uses for experience in AD&D

One of the things i always disliked in AD&D is the impossibility of raising character attributes as level progression advances.

In "Fantasy gamer", issue #1, an interesting system was developed to fill this gap.

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