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A foreign rarity

This is one of the rarest RPG that I own.
I think I should translate it into English one day. A so called "fantasy heartbreaker" which you may mine for unusual ideas.

Wizard's aide (1977)



Lots of OSR goodies today

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There may be a couple of documents that i had already shared in the past, but all in all i am pretty sure that most of them are new here on my blog.
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Dragon tree spell book.zip


The Misty Isles (1977)

D&D - Dungeon Masters Kit #3 - The Misty Isles.pdf

Perilous ages

PERILOUS AGES is almost finished!


Here and Here you can find info about the game mechanics (though they may differ in the final edition of the game). As you can read, this should be a game heavily influenced by the eighties, with lots of charts and so forth (that's why i am pretty excited).


Let's listen to Dave Hargrave

Each image is numbered on the top (starting from 1.jpeg until 10.jpeg). Follow the right order of reading, which is not necessarily as displayed on this website.

A detailed analysis of Gandalf in D&D terms and more (As written in August, 1975)

Should you have problems in visualizing these images (due to pop-ups, or ads), go to the following alternative link where they are displayed from the right to the left, IN INVERTED ORDER).

The Return of Hidden Kingdom

Chek this amazing piece of news.
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