A great review of an old school rpg

From time to time you forgot your disappointment with the OSR community and you made nice discoveries. Unexpectedly, at last i stumbled upon a great and detailed review of "The Arcanum" rpg, posted at Swords & Stitchery website some days ago.

You can find it here.

If only reviews such as this one were more numerous on the blogosphere, the OSR would start becoming a serious affair. Thanks Eric for your effort.

And by the way, as far as i know this is the third review available on the internet which deals with "The Arcanum" rpg, so we welcome very much this addition.

You can find the other ones here and here.


Heroic worlds [repost] & things to come

As a gift for this Christmas i received a mint copy of "Fantastic heroes & witchery" and it triggered
in me the desire to play in the old AD&D style.

I am writing today to announce that i'll be sharing very old and never-before-seen articles about Original Dungeons & Dragons very soon on my blog, so stay tuned. New obscure gems will be revealed only here, as you should be accustomed to by now.

In the meantime, i thought it was a good idea to share -one more time- an item of paramount importance that several among the latest followers of this site may have missed.
I am referring to "Heroic worlds" by Lawrence Schick, published many many years ago.

It is still a text you can't do without, if you are really interested in the history of our hobby. Though there is more than just a game that is not reviewed within those pages, most of the obscure role-playing games are, and you won't easily find review of them anywhere else today.

I am in a total whimsical state of mind, so the updates on my blog stay sporadic.
I would have so much to say and write but can't do it now.

Schick, Lawrence - Heroic Worlds (1991).pdf - 15.5 MB


Gemini (The Dark Fantasy Roleplaying Game) [1998]

Although Gemini is classed as a Dark Fantasy roleplaying game - (It was originally published in swedish, and afterwards it was translated into english language), it would be more accurate to class it as Gothic Medieval. Packaged in a beautifully presented hardcover, Gemini had me hooked before I had even opened it to the first page.

The Sun has been veiled and the Dark Martyr released. An ancient darkness emerges from beyond the Iron Gate, waking the slumbering demons that feed on human faltering, egotism and cruelty.

Pious priests and valiant Knights Templar behold in terror as the Darkness infiltrates the Church's inner circles, seducing the sacrosanct. The powerful sovereigns of mankind stand divided, foolish enough to decline the peace offered to them by their archenemy the Church, refusing to unite with them in the struggle against the growing Darkness.

Read the rest of the review HERE.

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