A great review of an old school rpg

From time to time you forgot your disappointment with the OSR community and you made nice discoveries. Unexpectedly, at last i stumbled upon a great and detailed review of "The Arcanum" rpg, posted at Swords & Stitchery website some days ago.

You can find it here.

If only reviews such as this one were more numerous on the blogosphere, the OSR would start becoming a serious affair. Thanks Eric for your effort.

And by the way, as far as i know this is the third review available on the internet which deals with "The Arcanum" rpg, so we welcome very much this addition.

You can find the other ones here and here.

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Needles said...

Well thank you very much,the book remains an old favorite of mine and I have appreciated the efforts that Bard Games made to my life in the past and the present of my old school campaigns. BTW I just put up a review of the Compleat Alchemist as well today. Thanks for the shout out! As I always say more to come!

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