Bifrost (Skytrex, 1977) resurrected!

Roughly one month ago or so, i opened my mail folder and i found a peculiar letter sent to me. It was written by John, who informed me to be one of the authors of a very old and very rare fantasy role-playing game called Bifrost.

Well, now i am especially aware of this game, i even wrote something about it many years ago on this blog (you can read the post HERE). John told me that "he believed that Bifrost should be made available to the world and it should be resurrected", but that he only owned volume 1,2 and 4 of the game and that in order to do that he needed volume 3 but that it was missing in his collection, so he asked me if i happened to have a copy.

Now, Bifrost was one of the thoughest rpg for me to collect. I grabbed the volumes from different sources through many years of hard searching and labour. It seemed that volume three was the hardest to obtain but one day i found out a guy on a French forum who claimed to own it, i contacted him and after some time (i had to beseech him, really) he was so kind to send me black and white photocopies of volume three through postal mail. So i had it!

I told John that yes, i had all four volumes and that i was certainly interested in this project, these sort of things are the reasons why i opened this blog,after all!

So we started a correspondence and eventually i scanned the volume he missed and sent it to him.
Bifrost is a game that has eluded american players because as far as i know it was distributed mainly in Britain at the time of its publication.
I remember that other bloggers asked for it (see HERE, for instance).
Now we are putting together all the stuff. The idea is to publish a FREE PDF of the game combining together all the four volumes. The interesting thing is that John has assembled a lot of notes on how to play (from a game master's perspective) and showed me this stuff. In addition, he owns additional and unofficial rules for Bifrost along with essays which were never published and those can be added to the overall game. So there is actually more stuff you can dream of!

John is actually working on it and i will use this platform to keep you updated.
In the meantime i am sharing with you the first portion (the first nine pages) of Bifrost volume 1. I will try to add more as time passes, in order to give you a glimpse of the game and what you might expect from it.


A valiant, gallant OSR blog post.

Do yourself a favour and go check the beautiful post over at Delta's D&D Hotspot blog.

This is really a thorough old-school post. I wish i could see more posts like this nowadays in the OSR community. It is a scholarly analysis of an old article penned in White Dwarf magazine in the past by Don Turnbull.

Not only that, the blog owner also provided the full scan of the three-part article for anyone to peruse and study. Kudos to you!



Edgar Allan Poe's anonymous lithographies

I recently stumbled upon some amazing, otherwordly lithographies of Edgar Poe's works.

The author is unknown, i contacted the owner of these and after examining them he could not trace a signature or anything that might help shed some light on who produced them.


"Drakar och Demoner" decrypted.


Have you ever played Drakar och Demoner?

Probably not. And neither do i.
It was first published in 1982 and so it belongs to the kind of stuff i deal with on this blog, namely vintage fantasy role-playing games.

Sometimes the language can be an insourmountable barrier and prevents us to have a new gaming experience.
Until someone decides to translate a game in order to present it to the english-speaking world.

That is why, we'll probably be able to have a glimpse of this old fantasy rpg for the first time, thanks to this kickstarter.

It corresponds to the 8th incarnation of DOD, called Trudvang.


Your rare chance to get a copy of Phantasy Conclave

This one is pretty rare...maybe you think the price is high, but it is said only 1,000 copies were ever printed. And, it is damning old-school.

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