The Sorceror's curse (1962)

Lodac, an evil wizard, has kidnapped the Princess Helene and intends to feed her to his dragon in seven days. One of the king's knights, Sir Branton, vows to rescue her, despite being warned of Lodac's seven curses, which have to be encountered before they can reach his castle. A boy named George, who was raised by Sybil, a slightly incompetent sorceress, and is smitten with the Princess wants to rescue her but Sybil, whose family had battles with Lodac and lost, refuses to let him go. But he uses the magic sword that she intends to give him to detain her while he goes to save the Princess. So he and six knights that he freed from Sybil's brothers spell of being turned to stone to be his allies go to the king and offer to accompany Branton and asks, if he should save the Princess, asks for her hand in marriage. Branton is not pleased but is implored by the King to bring them with him. But Branton plans to use them as pawns to evade the curses.


The Mouth of Sauron is not dead

In fact, we know nothing of his fate. We can only assume he met an unpleasant end with the final destruction of the Ring and Sauron. There is no mention of him surrendering to Aragorn… so perhaps he was lost in the shattering of the Black Gate.
But the scene where he got headless by Aragorn's sword is ridiculous and simply cannot exist.


One of the best kept secret in fantasy RPG history

It's E'A, by David Fitzgerald.

Supplement of new rules written in 1980 (48 pages), for combat and movement,with new character classes,spells, monsters, gods, and tables for parries, fumbles and critical hits.
Recently a copy on ebay popped up, for 200 dollars or something like that, and it disappeared in a few days, "stolen" by some crazy collector at Acaeum. Crazy in the positive sense, had i had the money at the time, i'd have grabbed that. I don't know now if i'll ever peruse those alternative rules.

Together with "Proportional combat system", it's the rarest of the rares.
About PCS, i only know that "character with a substantially shorter weapon may not attack until the longer weapon wielder has failed on a to-hit roll. if fighting more than one opponent it applies only to one of the opponents".


Phantasy conclave

Phantasy conclave is one of the rarest fantasy rpg on earth, together with E'A. The only thing i can rely on is the review to be found in Dragon magazine issue. It is two pages long. I'm posting just the first one.

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