One of the best kept secret in fantasy RPG history

It's E'A, by David Fitzgerald.

Supplement of new rules written in 1980 (48 pages), for combat and movement,with new character classes,spells, monsters, gods, and tables for parries, fumbles and critical hits.
Recently a copy on ebay popped up, for 200 dollars or something like that, and it disappeared in a few days, "stolen" by some crazy collector at Acaeum. Crazy in the positive sense, had i had the money at the time, i'd have grabbed that. I don't know now if i'll ever peruse those alternative rules.

Together with "Proportional combat system", it's the rarest of the rares.
About PCS, i only know that "character with a substantially shorter weapon may not attack until the longer weapon wielder has failed on a to-hit roll. if fighting more than one opponent it applies only to one of the opponents".


Anonymous said...

Interesting, I was certainly not aware of this one.

irbyz said...

E'A rates pretty high on the gonzo scale: like Arduin, there's /some/ useable material in there. Beware the Duncans!

Not sure 'bout the "Proportional combat system" being the rarest of rares: it may be, but being relatively late means there's a better chance of copies turning up. It is rather less obscure than the MLOK-3 Combat System for OD&D (from 1978), for one similar example.

Philosophical slumber said...

I never heard about MLOK-3 Combat System for OD&D, what is that?
I would be happy to expand my knowledge :)

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