Obscure RPG appreciation day 2014: who is the winner

And the winner for 2014 is....Roguelantern!

He attained a great achievement and i am quite impressed by the work that he accomplished, together with other persons who helped him along the way.

In order to clarify things, i will make use of an article posted here, i hope the blogger won't get offended but he summarized things pretty well.

[...]The Secret Treasure of Raguoc in Acirema Dungeons, the first ever Finnish role-playing game, has been made available in English! The books are free PDF downloads at the Rogue Lantern blog.

Written by Risto “Nordic” Hieta and first released in 1986 and very difficult to find nowadays, Acirema is a rather basic dungeon crawl RPG – indeed, no other mode of play is really discussed, and the core of the game is about the characters venturing into the bowels of Acirema Mountain where the evil Raguoc has hidden his treasure. There are dragons, and giants, and dwarves and evil wizards guarding it. Nevertheless, as far as introductions to role-playing go, it’s a pretty fair work. There’s an emphasis on creative solutions and advice on handling negotiation between player characters and NPCs. There are also a couple of clever ideas that I haven’t seen elsewhere

So, read the whole story here and download this new OSR game from Finland!

You won, so please post your e-mail below so that i can contact you for the prize(or if you prefer that i fill the form on your website, just let me know)
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