The RPG Interview Room: Chivalry & Sorcery – the Medieval Role Playing Game

 Chivalry & Sorcery

When Steve Turner, from Britannia Game Design fell in love with Chivalry & Sorcery, he not just decided to play it, but also to keep at it for years and years and eventually buy the license so he could release more versions of the game and go to Kickstarter with the latest one.

Improving on a classic is not easy, though and I wanted to find out about how the game has changed throughout the years and what it does now differently than before.

For a game that is mean to be as historically accurate as a game with magic can be, and one that promises to keep religion as true to reality as possible, I was curious because that is a rather tall order.
So I interviewed Steve Turner to ask about what makes Chivalry & Sorcery a game worth investing in.

Listen to the interview at the following