Could Powers & Perils reach a new audience IF?

..If every single boxed set that originally appeared in the eighties, was scanned and distributed (shared) online?

I mean, not only the "Powers & Perils main boxed set" (first image below), but "Book of tables" and "Tower of the dead" as well:

Why am i saying this?

Basically, because on the "official" Powers & Perils" website, you can freely download the main boxed set and (if i recall correctly) part of the "Perilous lands" boxed set, and that's it.

Hence my question.

There are still two boxed sets missing.
If all at once ever published for this game was made available online, could this have an impact? The last two boxed sets mentioned have never been available on the net before.


Tony said...

"The Book of Tables" was a boxed set of character sheets, a booklet and three referee's screens with tables and charts for the game. It is useful but not vital since they are the same tables in the basic rules.

Tower of the Dead is the only published adventure for P&P and could generate some interest. It included a referee's screen with encounter tables specifically used for the adventure (man, P&P designers loved screens).

A well-written, revised 2nd edition of the game could give P&P the attention it deserves. The game rules are not easy to decipher. For one thing, it is written in the SPI style of organizing every paragraph rule by a numbering system. Rules are relatively easy to look up, but it as fun as fun to read as the "The Chicago Manual of Style."

I enjoy the game and played through several campaigns back in the day but it was never easy to get my head around the game works as a whole. Clear writing and a redesign of a few mechanics would really change this game for the better.

Anonymous said...

Are you going to be putting the Tower of the Dead, Book of Tables,and Perilous lands back up?

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