Chivalry & Sorcery hard-to-find articles by Ed Simbalist

While i don't hide the fact that i regard Ed Simbalist as the king among kings of the fantasy rpg hobby (and consequently C&S as the Summum bonum among old fantasy rpg's),   i must admit this one that i'm going to share with the world today is one of the most precious and cherished piece of material that i own.

It is a scan from an old issue of "Underworld Oracle" fanzine (May 1978, see here for details).

What you can find inside may well generate a flame or a profound debate among OSR scholars and fans, it is easy to guess.

Ed Simbalist speaks and writes here with an open heart, and says all that he thinks.

You can find here his ideas about why D&D cannot rival C&S, his developmental thoughts about his game, his ideas about what fantasy is and should be, and much much more.

I think this article sheds light on many old topics and should be studied and pondered carefully.

I'm going to share others hard-to-find articles by Simbalist in the future, some coming from Alarums & Excursion fanzines as well when he used to have his personal column.

As always, in order to see these scans in all their glory (fullscreen), do not just click on them but instead right-click and then choose "open in new tab").

1 comment:

Hedgehobbit said...

thanks for posting this although I have to say I disagree with everything he says except the part about 2-7 players being ideal.

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