A fantasy magic system which is capable of ensorcelling me

What i have been seeking for a long time, the jewel i am always after whenever i stumbled upon a new game in my life.

The greatest delusion, insurmountable- is represented by AD&D magic system, totally devoid of fascination (because how can a human being throwing balls made of fire all around be an enthralling vision?)

But that Magic is rooted in what is enchanting seems a particular that has been completely forgotten.

Magic in AD&D is little more than a weapon, it is shallow, and it lacks a grounding reason (from where Magic comes? Why it exists?)

Again, that Magic is a mystery seems a particular that has been completely forgotten.

It should be the most important and delicate aspect of a fantasy rpg (otherwise, why would we call it a FANTASY game?) but instead it ends up being an uninspiring subject.

Thank Heaven, other minds came to regard Magic in a different way than Gygax and Arneson, and all this was portrayed in later games, some of which i might be talking about one day.

But today i had to write down a few phrases. I spent part of the afternoon in an gigantic library this afternoon, and i had in my hands some old books, i looked upon some words which inspired me a little bit and a couple of thoughts were born.

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