If i was to write a new "old-school" fantasy rpg

I'd call it like this.

I really love the name of this ultra-obscure fantasy rpg from 1981.
The only thing i know about it is that it was not a complex, convoluted one (the kind that i like), that's why i'm not interested to buy the copy on ebay (which is likely to be one of the few in existance).

"Swords, Sorcerers and Sirens" sounds to me like the perfect name for a fantasy rpg. It conveys almost everything i think of whenever i find myself thinking about fantasy in general. But 300 dollars is too much now, alas.

"Swords, Sorcerers and Sirens" is composed of:

Wraparound cardstock cover
one folded green cardstock landscape map
two folded blue cardstock dungeon maps
customer order card
one 8.5 x 14 folded rule sheet (races, professions, monsters and spells, and game mechanics) 

There are sections, like paragraphs, for races, professions, monsters, spells, and game mechanics. It's very basic. A character advances by capturing enemies, which grants the character a magic item. 

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