How not to forge another Dungeons & Dragons zombie

My dear nephew is approaching that age where he is starting to be enticed by fantasy images, be it dragons, fighters, wizards, etc.. and whenever he enters my room where my cherished rpg collection is hoarded his eyes are set ablaze when he sees the covers of the various fantasy role playing games.

He started posing me questions and he's trying to convince me to teach him how to play those games.
I decided i will never show him a copy of D&D or AD&D (it's easy, i don't own it, i think it's the only fantasy rpg that i miss).

What could i show him? or maybe the question is: "What should i show him"?

There's little doubt that the first game we stumble upon is the one we become hooked to ever since and it's very likely it will be the one we'll have the fondest memories about in the far future- all in all, it's the one that is going to have the biggest impact on our minds.

What will i show him?
What is the fantasy rpg most suited for his baptism?

far from being a silly question, the kind of fantasy rpg we meet first is bound to shape our minds and our hearts forever.

A proof of this is the myriad of players worldwide who still find difficulties in getting rid of what they loved for the first time.
I have a friend of mine who's been playing AD&D 2nd edition for twenty years and he can't stand any offer of playing - even just trying - 1st edition AD&D- not to mention if i made him the proposal of changing and switching game altogether.

This blindness has always scared me, because most of the time i noticed it stems from a kind of powerlessness. This friend of mine cannot WILL it, he doesn't have the necessary strenght needed in order to change his mind.
It is as if the habit of solely playing this game for so long has made him uncapable-unable to exercise his will in a different direction. Quite frightening. Sort of the effect of a charm incantation.

So, my nephew's baptism.

Powers & Perils: he wouldn't find it complicated if he played this as his first game, he's so excited he could devour any rules-set.

Or maybe i should opt for Chivalry & Sorcery? He would be utterly fascinated by it and would forget forever anything else.

But why not "The Compleat Warlock" instead of Original Dungeons & Dragons?
This way he'll eventually come to despise OD&D as inferior to Warlock.

Or Dragonquest? Lands of Adventure?
Or maybe the gigantic Rolemaster? He won't fear anything after that.

Anything. anything will do, except for AD&D. I'm not planning to creating another D&D zombie.
There are already too many out there in the wide open world.

I will bestow a different gift upon his infant mind.

And who knows, perhaps he will be grateful to me one day because of this.


Max said...

Are you open to games like "Dungeon Squad" (which is free, on-line, and really customizable), or other sorts of simple, rules-lite fantasy rpgs, or do you want to just stick to what you already have on your gaming shelves?

If so, I vote Powers & Perils or Lands of Adventure, as I have never, ever heard of someone starting their fantasy RPG hobby with either of those two games :)

Unknown said...

First of all, I'm glad you back writing on your blog. Keep posting if you can.

In regards of your nephew I would consider for him simple and funny games like Tunnels & Trolls or Monster & Monsters. I always believed that the first game should be simple but peculiar at the same time. Then, probably, he will be ready for more. My two cents.

faoladh said...

I think that it should be RuneQuest. Give him a love for a relatively simple game that also has a consistent and workable magic and religion system. Plus, Glorantha.

rainswept said...

Tunnels & Trolls, without a doubt. It never takes itself too seriously & it plays without a hint of that ironic winking that seems to hover around modern rules-lite products.

It's a just a plain good game.

Philosophical slumber said...

thank you all guys for your suggestions :)

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