Maze of zayene is mine and pondering Powers & Perils thrice

So, i finally bought the entire "Maze of Zayene" series (here), and it's on its way to me.

In the meantime we just stepped into the core heart of another impossibly beautiful adventure which was published in 1980 for AD&D 1st edition. This one is pretty rare and divided into TWO parts, i'm going to write a long post about it this saturday.
If someone is able to decipher which adventure i'm talking about before saturday, i promise i'll scan it for everyone out there! (since it is still missing from the internet and when i say that i mean you can't find it anywhere, not even on DC++..)

Besides, i'm reading Powers & Perils for the third time, and i started re-writing it on sheets of paper.
I just compiled the first two of them and i am already pretty proud of how i wrote and condensed the rules.
If only Richard Snider's style of writing had been different! P&P would have a wider audience, i'm sure of that.

And as i delve into it i'm realizing more and more the beauty of its complexity.And its Magic system amazes me.Almost (and i say, almost) as much as that of Chivalry & Sorcery.

I hope to have more drafts ready by next summer, i will take my time, if it be years, let it be.

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aia said...

howdy CL, i guess you're ref to the "Nine doctrines of darkness" (despite the fact that both modules are not rares... i'd rather say they're uncommon...).

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