AD&D PHB has been downloaded 2057 times

It amuses me to notice how WOTC is concerned about copyright issues, i read something happened recently about someone having used a copyrighted image for "Mazes & Peril" and the world trembled for that.

And then, you just need to type something such as "1st edition ad&d player's handbook pdf" on Google and in less than 1 second you stumble upon the page where you can download 1st edition AD&D Player's handbook. Magic.

As of today, the counter says it has been downloaded 2057 times. Without adding Emule, Bittorrent, etc...

(Screenshots are of Perfect Dark, japanese P2P program, also used in Western countries).

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Anonymous said...

People who think that publishing hard copies only will prevent piracy are fooling themselves. PDFs may make piracy easier, but much of the pirated stuff out there is scans of physical books.

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