The Compleat Arduin book I - The rules

James, at his princely website, wrote this.

Well, it makes me very happy to notice that i turned the attention of some players out there on other fantasy rpg's.

In a sense, that is an hidden goal of this website. Not in the sense that i'm aiming at convincing anyone...i'm not interested in that.I loved AD&D, but that is not the game that dwells in my heart anymore, and at the same time i don't want to say which one i adore, it is too early now to state which is THE definitive fantasy rpg, and there is more than one answers.

But if i can contribute to uncover some forgotten games before leaving the blogosphere, i'll be satisfied.
Why trying, and why insisting? One reason is that it is a shame that some rpg's didn't get the praise they deserved, and i absolutely want to honour the memory of some (now deceased) genius.

So, if -as it seems- i have to begin with Arduin, be it. The fate decided for me.

I read this phrase on Grognardia website:

" Until I get the full book itself, I've been perusing the PDF excerpts that Emperor's Choice has placed online."

So, without further ado, it is time to shed some shining tears.


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