Does a game exist which quench your thirst?

One of those questions that arise spontaneously in my mind. To me, the answer for a long time has been NO.

I mean, if there is an RPG that really satisfies you completely, putting you in the condition of not having to rely on other game's mechanics to incorporate in the first one.Is there a game which need not being ameliorated by adding pieces and rules taken from other (alien) sources?

As a mind experiment, let us ask if AD&D is perfect. Someone went so far as to affirm to feel a sense of the "numinous" whilst reading through its pages (my friend James, and i understand what you mean by that,and i feel exactly the same with other rpg's), but is this an exaggeration? Can we claim there is such a perfect game?


Anonymous said...

Not for me personally. My love is TSR D&D, but I have never played it 100% by the book. Every new campaign results in rules-tweaking to make the rules fit the campaign and not the other way around. Even when I write my own house rules document, it gets scrapped next campaign for a new set.

Philosophical slumber said...

The kind of rules-tweaking you are talking about entails the fact of borrowing mechanics from other rpg's or simply not taking into acoount an "hidden" rule in the DMG?

Anonymous said...

The latter. While 1e was for a long time my favourite version of the game, there have always been some rules I have never used, such as weapons vs. AC.

These days I tweak the rules according to the type of campaign, so that a swords & sorcery campaign is going to use slightly different rules to a high fantasy campaign, or a science-fantasy one.

I don't believe, if people are honest with themselves, that there is anyone out there who is 100% satisfied with every single rule in a single game.

Weasel said...

With apologies for posting to something from years ago, but I loved the question.

100% no, never.
90%? Yes, Runequest or Rolemaster. If you could combine those two, it'd be 180% :)

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