At last, playing again?

I'm currently exchanging mails with some guys that i contacted through several forums, and i collected some replies. It seems there is the possibility i'll start playing again soon, perhaps in March.

We will totally avoid Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, i already told this to anyone.

I am seeking curious and open-minded persons eager to play other fantasy rpg's. Not Pendragon, WFRP, Talislanta or Stormbringer. It's going to be something different. I gave my availability for mastering sessions, but i can't provide shelter to my would-be players.

We'll see what happens. My dice have been slumbering behind the shelves for too long, honestly.
It's not time to kill characters, but it is about time to dream again, around a wooden table.


Randall said...

Good luck on getting a group together! I did not realize how much I had missed gaming until I started playing again a few years ago.

Philosophical slumber said...

thanks Randall, you are totally right, i miss Dming so much!

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