When you think you behold Heaven

I already said i am not an AD&D Dungeon master.
Each of us can be a DM of some fantasy rpg's, more likely just of ONE.

I already found mine a long time ago, but today, whilst perusing in silence the rules of one of them i was just flabbergasted,i felt beyond any doubt that what i was reading was the work of a visionary. I felt so linked with all my soul to that game that i craved to have the chance to speak with he who created it. But he is dead. I really wanted to have the chance to talk with him, because that is the game i had always wanted to create myself, and i realized someone else DID what has been on my mind for decades.

I am not envious, that's fine. But i wanted to talk with him because i felt he was a spiritual comrade because he had in his mind the same things i have in mine, basically.

I said to myself: "Oh my...the profoundity of this game is abysmal, and moreover it shines beauty from everywhere i look at it".


Anonymous said...

Don't tease us CL, what is the game that has won your heart? :-)

Philosophical slumber said...

you'll be told sooner or later :)

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