Ravenloft's "daughter of evil"

Some time ago i "forced" a friend of mine to pose for me. She came clad all in black and violet (before i had this idea in my mind) to visit me at my house, and i couldn't resist. That day she looked perfect (to me, at least) for a gothic image which could celebrate darkness and beauty, mingled together.
I instructed her to stare at me in a kind of menacing way, because the theme had to be "gothic".

She didn't know what Ravenloft was and never knew that using a software i meant to put the final photo next to a logo. Anyway, these were the results. I am not a professional photographer- quite the contrary- i'm a noob when it comes to this kind of stuff, but this time i believe i succedeed, notwithstanding. The merit is clearly of the beauty embodied in my friend's silhouette.

Enjoy a dark beauty which you could encounter in a Ravenloft realm, quite possibly the daughter of a venerable vampire lord.

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