The weirdiest AD&D rules i've ever seen

But I don't want to retire her!" has rung out more than once after a Games Master has ruled a female character to be pregnant. Don't panic. Just because she's pregnant doesn't mean she can't go adventuring for the next few months, though there are a few difficulties in so doing.

In the first place, there is only a small (say 3%) chance for a physically mature woman to become pregnant on any particular day. Even though pregnancy is expected of most medieval or ancient-type women, there are herbal potions available to prevent it. These can be purchased most easily from an alchemist or wise woman. Amulets and other such magical means may also work.

Contrary to popular belief, most women (01·60 on DIOO) do not get morning sickness. Of those that do, it may be mild (61-80), moderate (81·98), or chronic (99·00). Mild morning sickness involves an hour or two of nausea each day with no penalties to any saving throws. Moderate morning sickness lasts for 6·8 hours each day, with a penalty to all saving throws vs. nausea. Chronic morning sickness involves a considerable amount of vomiting. It is strongly suggested that characters with chronic morning sickness retire for a time, since severe morning sickness lasts for the entire 9 months. Both mild and moderate morning sickness end after the first three months.

[...]A t the end of labor, the baby is born. Both mother and child must make system shock rolls for survival (the child has its own constitution to roll on).

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