Rare stuff for AD&D, part III - Tortured souls I

This issue of Tortured Souls! contains the following scenarios:

The Chevalier's Shrine: Something is amiss at the memorial shrine, and the party are hired to investigate further - will they discover the sinister secret in time? Contains alternative versions for beginnins or experienced players.

Tomb of Qadir: Explore beneath the goblin lair in a search for the hidden tomb! The first of the scenarios in the Zhalindor Campaign: these pull out modules are independently playable or can be used as a challenging series for the experienced player.

The Rising Tower: The second scenario from the Zhalindor Campaign. A stronghold of fire giants pose initial problems for a higher level party, but the survivors must face a greater peril!

The Crystal Keys: A complete ready-to-play solo adventure. The penniless party must scour a forbidding wilderness to locate the dungeon containing Zamhardrar's legendary hoard with its fearsome guardians!

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Al H. said...

A very well written magazine with some great adventures from back in the day.


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