Rare stuff for AD&D, part IV

Another gift today that i took down fom the dusty shelves here in my catacomb.

Here you can find plenty of old and quite good adventures written for AD&D 1st edition.

In order to grab it, you just need to google this: "tortured souls  7chan catacomb librarian", and be a little smart in following the first couple of links.


40pp UK A4-size book with glossy card cover + A2 Colour Mapsheet.

Published in 1984 by Beast Enterprises Ltd., Oxford, England.

A magazine showcasing 'selected scenarios for role-playing games', these magazines are heavily focused on AD&D with a cursory nod towards Runequest.

The Thing in the Attic - AD&D/Basic Beginner's Scenario

The Trollball Trophy - Runequest Wilderness Scenario

The Zhalindor Campaign - Introductory Suppliment

Galizhard - Zhalindor Campaign Module

Brohar's Bane Part II - AD&D Wilderness Solo Adventure


Jeremy "frothsof" Smith said...

Loving this series! Keep it up please!

Philosophical slumber said...

thanks, if you like what you see, why not joining my diary, that keeps me motivated!

Al H. said...

Just out of curiosity which issues do you have, besides 1 & 3?


Philosophical slumber said...

4 and 7.

Claytonian said...

have 4 and 7 made it online?

Philosophical slumber said...

no,not yet.

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