Vikings and Valkyrs returns!

After "Heroes" (link), "Wizards' world" (link), and others, now the time has come for a new release of "Vikings and Valkyrs", the obscure fantasy/historical rpg self-published in 1985.

see this link for info.

The Rpg Encyclopedia says:

Vikings & Valkyrs
1st ed by Laurence Gillespie (1985) self-published
A game based on the Icelandic Eddas, which uses a class-based system with six stats rolled on 3d6, similar to AD&D. However, there is an original skill system and magic system. According to the back cover, the designer had done "eight years of graduate level research of Old Icelandic sources". Volume I was "Character Classes, Skills, Magic"; Volume II was "Combat, Runes, Songs of Power". An advertisement suggested that a third volume was coming soon, to be called "Monsters and Treasures of Middle Earth" -- but it is not clear whether this was ever published. 
If you  make a google search using the game title, you will see the new website (still under construction), presumably built by the author himself, which states: "The cult roleplaying hit of the 70's, reborn".

Ok guys, this is really OSR to me, namely, old-school renaissance, this is what i am tempted to call "OSR 2.0", that is, the re-publishing of the others old-school fantasy rpg's after the first wave has come to an end (Osric, Swords & Wizardry, and the like). 
Now the time has come for OSR 2.0, but, alas! not many authors are still alive nowadays. I mean, "Heroes" has been republished by its author (Dave Millward), the same for Vikings & Valkyrs (Laurence Gillespie, i contacted him some months ago so i'm pretty sure it's him who brought about that website), and if i recall correctly even "Beasts men & gods" (Bill Underwood) was republished some time ago by its original author after someone made an online petition on the web.
Finally, if you remember i was contacted by John Corradin some time ago, he said to me he was planning to a possible re-release of Melanda but then i didn't hear from him anymore.

"Wizards's world" was republished by Goblinoid games (i'm unaware if the original author is still alive), but nonetheless something huge has already happened in my humble opinion if you take into account all of these games that i cursorily cited above.

OSR 2.0 or not, i foresee a future going towards this direction. Made by fans through scanning of the old products or by the original authors themselves, i cannot say. But Excavations into AD&D are more or less come to an end (we should dig up the old and untraceable fanzines from the seventies, maybe, and peruse them), so it is normal that the remaining fantasy rpg's now are approaching on the horizon. With the aid of technology all this can happen.


Albert R. said...

I hope you're right about the change of the course of OSR. There are some signs of the change of the course from strict D&D descendants to something more - AFG is a best example of it.

Anonymous said...

It bothers me a bit that these original authors would rather rework and update their games than release the originals, or as close to the originals as possible. Surely a huge amount of the interest in them is by people who want to see the historical, vintage versions (or a close copy where that is impossible) and not a modern reworking of them. At least that's how it seems to me. I welcome new or reworked games as well, but the originals are where my own interest lies.

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