The five old-school obscure fantasy rpg's that are still missing in my catacomb.

 Yes, i know, i should not talk anymore, in fact i am not entitled to speak and utter my opinion anymore, nay- maybe i should even refrain from posting again in forums and so on.

I am not here to talk about Dungeons & Dragons, and you know it all too well, i'm here to shed light on those works which are unknown to the masses.
But today i realized that there still are FIVE old-school role-playing games i know nothing about, it stems from here my dissatisfaction with myself. I leave to others the proud and joy of knowing each and every page of the AD&D Dungeon master's guide.

I'm not interested in this common knowledge. It fails to deepen my soul.

So, without further ado, here they are, in no particular order.

Keep in mind that i am about to put my hands on several of these, it is just a question of time (and money).


PHANTASY CONCLAVE (Soooo elusive) (link)

NIMOLEE (link)

FANTASY WARGAME RULES (this gives me troubles sleeping at night..) (link)

RWTG (I purposedly omitted the full name of this, for fear of someone grabbing it before me. There are just 2 copies around as far as i know, i will talk about this soon). (link omitted, i apologize)

When these five old fantasy rpg's are in my hands, i will be able to say i have everything and my collection is complete (but maybe at that point i should add "Spawn of Fashan", seriously).

And when my collection is complete (after years of struggling), i will feel competent and enlightened.

Not only i need to know Rolemaster, Chivalry & Sorcery, Powers & Perils and so on, i felt the urge to grab and comprehend these as well.

And who knows, at that point it would be beautiful to analyze and ponder each of these gems separately, one at a time, slowly. 


Albert R. said...

RWTG is on NK, of course if we are thinking about the same RWTG.

Philosophical slumber said...

we indeed have telepathy.

Hamel™ said...

Real Wonders & Tremendous Gambits looks quite interesting.

Adam Dray said...

There's a copy of RWTG Metaphysics on eBay for $45.

I'm curious why Schick doesn't list this game in Heroic Worlds. Clearly, any game from the 70's ought to have been known to him.

Philosophical slumber said...

I think Mr. Schick maybe didn't regard it as a "serious" fantasy rpg?

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