Arrows of Indra

At last, i learnt that a supplement named "Arrows of Indra" exists.


While i don't personally agree in playing in such a "mythological" setting, and i have more than a few doubts about the content of this supplement, (treatment of the Yogis and their siddhis for instance, it irritates me in much the same way as if someone put in a game the possibility of Christian resurrection treated just as a mere magical spell (D&D)- in much the same way i dislike when i see that Siddhis are treated as a joke as well, see here.)-

Anyway, i decided to share some vid links which may or may not be of some use (to induce some ideas) in those fellow gamers who are not as hesitant as me in adventuring in that very setting (watch this video especially from minute 2.00 on).

Check also this book, that i read today at my local library.


Timmy Crabcakes said...

Yeah, being non-religious myself all those stories are just fairy tales to me... grist for the mill of my imagination, or not. The only reason I wouldn't want to use Christian myths is because being closer to home they tend to end up as outright parody ala 'Life Of Brian' vs. being pure fantasy without urge to biting commentary.
I suppose that's disrespectful of the beliefs of others, but since I'm not inviting them over to play I suppose I don't much care.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it would be an idea to read the game before engaging in handwringing?

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