Perilous path: a new non-D&D simulacrum game is in development

My cyber friend over at UNDERWORLD KINGDOM is committed to developing a non D&D simulacrum and in pursuing this project he created a new blog which can be reached here.

What can i say? First of all, i hold his endeavour in great esteem, because he is devoting effort to such a task and i know not everyone would be willing to embark on such a difficult journey, but mostly because he is not working on another useless D&D retro-clone.

This is a step further into the future of OSR, in my opinion.
I already wrote something about what i think OSR 2.0 is, and this project perfectly matches these parameters.

As far as i know, the only other project which vaguely resembles his is "Ringbearer" rpg.

The author of "Project P" informs us that " the first part of the game (covering character creation and combat rules) is complete"

I'm sure you are able to complete this project; if i am allowed to give a piece of advice: please take your time. We are not in a hurry, and great accomplishments demands time.

So, whoever read this, go and update your bookmarks now.


Albert R. said...

Thanks alot!
By the way, Runebearer links are long-dead. Do you own a PDF? I was unable to find one :-(

Albert R. said...

Okay, I found 'em. Maybe it would be a good idea to repost the Runebearer stuff and / or add link to your old post?

https://www.dropbox.com/sh/o2ttv80yonk0n1j/1q6CidolpU - official dropbox with Runebearer stuff.

Albert R. said...

And here: http://www.angelfire.com/zine2/runebearer/Resources.html
Sorry for spamming comments but I believe that Google will NEVER add edit option for the blog comments :/

Philosophical slumber said...

now i was reading Runebearer a little bit..i'm sure they borrowed inspiration from Powers & Perils! i never noticed it before but it is evident to a P&P game master's eyes..

there's even the same words in writing..such as "character persona" at the beginning of the book, but there is much more that i already saw.

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