Three quick news

1- I decided to open a new section of my blog, devoted to atmospheric music that may be played during game and which could enhance play experience. It will be simply called "Songs". I'll start right now.

2- As you may already have noticed, i put a logo about my "Spawn of Fashan" project permanently on my blog (you will find it on the right side of the blog, under the followers). So that you may officially know that i was not joking but that i seriously intend to accomplish this goal.

3- I decided to participate in the "Swords & wizardry" appreciation day.
Why? you may ask- don't you hate all this stuff?
The answer is that i have an interesting idea in my mind, which links S&W with other obscure fantasy games of the past, so wait for the 17th of April to see with your own eyes.

That's all for now.


lars_alexander said...

Do you compose the music yourself?

I'm looking forward both to your posts for the S&W Day, as well as on your 'Spawn of Fashan' project.

Take care!

Philosophical slumber said...

no, the music is not mine :)

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