New spells for Sword & Wizardry

Detect Polymorph: This spell allows the caster to detect the fact that someone or something within range is in a shape other than his/her/its normal shape, and further, to determine what the true shape of the polymorphed being or object is. Range: 1" per level of caster, up to 24" maximum. Duration: 3 turns.

Disintegrate Magic Metal: This spell allows the caster to destroy enchanted metal objects of no more than 10 pounds mass per level of the caster. The target object has a saving throw determined by the quantity of enchantment it possesses. For example, a magical weapon enchanted to +0 has a saving throw of 16; a +1 weapon has a saving throw of 14; a +2 weapon has a saving throw of 12; a +3 weapon has a saving throw of 10; and so on. Range: 24".

Hellfire: This spell allows the caster to summon a pillar of fire, 1" in radius and 2" tall. This fire does damage at the level of the caster, but, unlike most damage-producing spells, this spell may be sustained in place. If any person or object stays in the area affected by a sustained Hellfire spell, it continues to take full damage each phase, as long as the spell is maintained. The position of the Hellfire spell may not be changed while it is being maintained. Range: 24". Duration: as long as maintained.

Energy Bolt, 12": This spell is the same as Energy Bolt , except for the bolt being 12" long after it expands from pellet form, with appropriate effects if it meets a solid object. Range: 24".

Hold Being: This spell is the same as Hold Person , except for the fact that this spell will affect any intelligent being that is not immune to mental control. Range: 12". Duration: 6 + Level of Caster in turns.

Homing Electric Microball: This spell is the same as Electric Microball  except for the additional ability for this spell to "home in" on any target that was within 12" of the caster at the time the spell was cast. This 'homing microball' will strike the target even if the target is protected by some form of spell-turning. If the target is protected by a reflective spell or surface of some kind, the homing microball will continue to home in and bounce off until either the reflection or the microball goes away, due to dispelling, or the target is
more than 12" from the microball (at which point the microball will simply vanish). Note that if, while tracking, the microball enters a place in which magic does not function, it wili cease to exist. Range: lock-on of 12". Duration: as described above.

Homing Microball: This spell is the same as Homing Electric Microball  except for the fact that the damage done is fire, rather than electrical in nature.

Illusion, 5-Sense: This spell is the same as the Illusionist spell of the same name, but there is no +4 adjustment to the saving throw of anyone put to the Belief test. Range: 24". Duration: as long as maintained.

Laser: This spell is somewhat different from most damaging spells. This spell produces a tight beam of energy, 1/72" in diameter, that has the following properties: it travels in a straight line, not impeded by air or other physically intangible substances. If it strikes a solid or liquid mass, the object or being struck must make its normal magic saving throw. If the object or being struck saves, the beam does damage equal to 1/2 the level of the caster in dice, and continues until it hits another mass. If the object or being struck fails to save, the beam does damage equal to the level of the caster in lice, AND a percentile die (1-100) is rolled, and that percentage of the beam is absorbed. The next object struck only takes damage b3sed on the percentage remaining. This subtraction is cumulative, and the beam stops when 100% has been absorbed. Thus, if the first target struck absorbed 20% of a Laser spell cast by a 20th level MU, the next target would be hit by no more than 80% of 20 dice, or the equivalent of 16 dice. Note: this spell will reflect off of any magical mirrored surface. Be careful where you point it. Further note: the Laser spellwiL.go through normal doors and thin walls, but a percentile die absorption check is rolled for each layer (one foot :r less) of wood or stone it goes through. Range: until absorbed. Duration: 1 Dexterity Count.

Mass Charm: This spell combines the effects of Charm Person  and Charm Monster , with the added effect that it will affect up to 30 hit dice or levels of creature within a 6" by 6" by 6" cube. Each creature affected must make a separate saving throw against the spell, as against magic, but with -2 adjustment to the
actual die roll. The entire volume of the cube must be within 12" of the caster, and any creatures to be affected must be perceived by the caster, with no solid objects between caster and targets that would completely block the caster physically from the targets (i.e., not through a solid wall, even if the caster can see through the wall). Duration: until dispelled.
Mega—Energy Cone: This spell is the same as Mega—Cold Cone  except that the damage is caused by energy rather than cold.

Microbomb: This spell :_s the same as Microball except that the damage is caused by a form of explosive impact similar to that in the Bomb spell (6M).

Micro-Cold Pellet: This spell is similar to Cold Pellet except that it may be fired once per phase in a manner similar to that of the Microball :yell . Range 6".

Mind Blank: This spell causes the recipient's mind to be protected by a shield that, in effect, prevents thoughts from travel:ng in or out. This means that a person wearing this spell cannot have his mind read by ESP or similar spells. and cannot be affected by Telepathy  or similar purely mental spells. It also means that a person wearing this spell cannot read the thoughts of others or project thoughts to anyone else
natural or magical means. Further, a person wearing this spell could not be detected magically by means that require a spell or item to detect thoughts or intentions, such as Detect Evil or Detect Enemies. Duration: 1 day or until dispelled. Range: the target may be no more than 6" from the caster at the time the spell is cast.

Picket Ball Lightning: This spell the same as Ball Lightning Is except that the ball can be 'programmed' to follow a specific route more than once, as long as the spell is maintained or until it hits a solid object and detonates. Range: a: no time may the bal.i be more tha:- 24" from the caster, or the control b lost and the ball simply detonates.. Duration: as long as maintained.

Picket Ball of Fire: This spell the same as Picket Ball Lightning_ except that the ball is similar to thi: in Ball of Fire (3M), and thus does damage from fire instead of lightning

Polymorph Object This spell allows the caster to change - physical shape and structure of
inanimate object to any other shape that allows the same mass in normal matter. Thus, a large rock could be changed into a similarly-sized pillow, but not to a grain of sand. The mass of the object remains constant, and thus an object could be made larger (but less dense) by this spell. This spell requires some degree of referee discretion, since the duration depends upon the degree of change. Basically, if the change requires no drastic alteration of shape or size, but merely of appearance, the spell lasts for up to 24 hours (or until dispelled). If the shape or size is altered (by at least 50% size) the spell will last for no more than 12 hours. An actual apparent change of substance (changing wood to the semblance of stone, etc.) will limit the spell to no more than 12 hours. Any change that strains the physical structure of the object (changing a rock into a pool of water, for example) will last for no more than 1 minute per level of the caster. This spell will not affect any living being. Range: the caster may be no more than 12" from the _object being transformed at the moment of the casting of the spell. Duration: as above or until dispelled.

Pressor Cone: This spell creates a cone of force 12" long and 6" across at the end away from the caster. It has the effect of pushing any item or being that does not make its :;aving throw against magic away from the caster, to the edge of the cone. It will affect any quantity of objects within the cone, but no individual object may be affected that weighs more than 20 pounds per level of the caster. The pressor effect is not violent enough to hurl projectiles against targets or to crush victims against walls, but it will push the objects without doing damage. It could be used to hdirectly cause damage, by such means as pushing a rock off of a cliff, for example. Duration: 1 magic phase.

Projected Anti-Magic Shell: This spell is the same as Anti-Magic Shell (6M) except for the fact that it can be cast on a recipient other than the caster himself. The recipient of this spell, if unwilling to have the Shell cast upon him, should roll a saving throw vs. magic. If the saving throw is made, the Anti-Magic Shell is ineffective, and vanishes instantly. Range: 12" from caster to recipient. Duration: 12 turns. Note that this spell may be cast on any object or
being occupying no more than 2 cubic inches, but not on more than one being or object within such a volume. Thus, it could be cast on a single person, or a door, but not on an entire castle, a whale, or a flock of birds.

Protection/Normal Weapons: This spell protects the caster from being struck or harmed by non-magical weapons made from normal materials or that are a part of the body of a non-magical being. It would not protect the caster from weapons that are themselves enchanted. It would not protect the caster from direct contact with a being whose basic nature is magical, or that is animated primarily by magical means. It would protect the caster from direct physical contact with a being simply under a spell, such as an appropriate Charm spell, if that being is otherwise not magical or enchanted. This spell may also be cast upoa another living being, with the same effects as if cast upon the caster himself. Range: Recipient may be no more than 3" from the caster when the spell is thrown. Duration: 12 turns.

Reflector: This spell creates a skin-tight shell around the caster that is almost totally reflective to magic. Any magic that hits this shell will bounce off and return in the direction from which it came. If the magic is in the form of a beam, bolt, or cone, this reflection will re-direct however much of the spell would have continued past the point of reflection, for the width of the shell. Thus, someone standing behind a person with a Reflector spell inuse would be protected from such aimed and directed magic by a sort of magical 'shadow' effect. Anyone being struck by a reflected part of such a spell takes normal spell damage. In the case of a spell that normally would strike only a single target (Magic Missile, Microball, etc.), the spell reflects off and will normally hit the original caster of the reflected spell. The Reflector spell is totally effective against directly cast spells of a magical nature, the so-called 'finger' spells, but will reflect spells cast with the use of an implement (staff, wand, ring, etc.) only 90% of the time (the other 10% having full effect on the person inside the Reflector). In cases where a person using Reflector is inside an area hit by a larger spell, the spell simply splashes off the outside of the shel[. Duration: 3 turns.

Returning: This spell is used to counteract the effects of a Summoning spell, either for items or
beings. Thus, under normal circumstances, a Returning spell will cause a summoned item or being to
return to its original location immediately. It will have no effect on any item or being not currently under the effects of a Summoning spell of some form. Further, in cases where the level of the Summoner and Returner are not the same, the relative levels are compared by ratio in a manner similar to that of Dispel Magic (3M). In particular, this spell
will negate the Summoning performed by Summoning (6M), Summon Demon (7M), Summon Person (8M) or Summon Monster (9M). Range: 12".

Shielding: This spell is designed to help prevent another spell from being dispelled by a Dispel Magic or similar means. Unlike most spells, this spell can be put on in layers, and each layer creates added protection agains`. dispellation. Thus, if a single Shielding spell is cast on top of another enchantment, the Shielding spell would have to be dispelled before the protected enchantment could be dispelled. If two or more Shielding spells are protecting the same enchantment, each would have to be separately dispelled before the protected enchantment could be dispelled. The cost of each layer of Shielding is 10 +5n, where n is the number of the layer of Shieldi:ig currently being applied. Thus, the first layer costs 15 spell points, the next layer costs 20, and so on. Range: 24" from caster to the location of the spell to be protected, at the time of the casting of the Shielding spell. Duration: until that individual layer is dispelled.

Sleep, 12" Radius: This spell allows the caster to cause ALL living beings within 12" of the caster, but not including the caster, to have to make saving throws vs. magic, or else fall asleep. The sleep lasts until
dispelled, or until the caster dies, or is more than 24" from any specific sleeping being (checked individually). The caster may include himself in the effects of the spell if he so chooses, and may choose to suppress his saving throw and fall asleep. This sleep does not break the spell. This sleep, being strongly magical in its nature, does not allow the sleeping victims to starve or die of thirst or suffocation. They could, however be harmed by natural or magical means while they slept.

Super Charm: This spell allows the caster to throw a spell similar to a Charm Being (5M), but affecting from 2-12 intelligent beings, each of whom would be permitted a separate saving throw vs. magic to see if controlled. Range: 12". Duration: until dispelled.

Summon Demon: This spell allows the caster to summon one or more demons, under the following conditions: The caster may summon one or more demons whose total levels do not exceed his own, without direct penalty to himself, with the provision tha, any bodies or souls gathered during the course of working for the caster are to be used by or for the purposes of the demon(s). (Thus, if a magic user summons a demon and sends it out to find him a specific item, the demon is permitted to consume the body and/or soul, depending upon the demon's abilities and needs, of the item's guardian.) Further, a magic user may use the Summon Demon spell to summon a demon or
combination of demons whose levels total no more than TWO times his own level, with the absolute guarantee that the demon(s) will be provided with a blood sacrifice whose total levels equal the difference between that of the demon(s) and the magic user. If this blood sacrifice, which must be of one or more intelligent beings, is not made at or before the end of the task assigned to the demon(s), the magic us?.: himself, body and soul, is forfeit to the demon(s). A single demon of a level higher than twice that of the caster may be summoned, but not commanded to perform any task. Such a higher demon may be asked
questions or favors, but will demand blood sacrifices aqual to one-half the level of the summoner before answering questions or considering performing favors of any
kind. Further, if this higher demon is asked to exert any actual effort, it must be well repaid in value of its own choosing, or it will attack the summoner and seek to destroy him. Such a bargain can be and is normally made immediately after the summoning, and before the demon does anything. If the summoner has made and kept previous bargains, such a higher demon will normally provide simple information within its own field of knowledge without any payment other than the initial sacrifice. Range: demon appears within 6" of the caster. Duration: until the demon is Returned or released to leave by the terms of any agreement made. Warning: demons do not consider being a lifetime bodyguard to be a single task, and
are very nasty if they feel they are being cheated. Referee discretion is very important on this spell.

Temporaty Teleportal: This spell creates a circle, 2" in diameter, through which a being or object could move. Normally, this circle is upright, but it could be placed flat on a surface if the caste: so chose. Any being or object going through this circle would arrive at a destination specified by the caster, as if stepping through a hole in space from one spot to another.'if the caster has correctly memorized the location of the destination there is no direct danger in this form Of teleportation, unless one happens to be halfway through the Teleportal when it is shut down (in which case. one becomes two). The Teleportal is visible as a faintly glowing blue circle at both the departure and ar.-ival points. Range: to any spot not magicaty shielded or 'note ted from teleportatioa, and that is not
clerically consecrated ground.
Duration: as long as maintained. 

Van-Bolt. 12": This spell is the same as Van-Bolt (5M), except the upper limit of the length of the lightning bolt is 12".

Van-Cold Cone. 12": This spell is the same as Van-Cold Cone (5M), except the cone is shaped like the standard 12" cone described in the spell Cold Cone, 12" Range (5M).

Variable Death Cone: This spell creates a cone whose maximum dimensions are 6" long and 3" wide at the end away from the caster. The length and width of the cone may be varied by the caster within these limits. All creatures within the cone whose levels are less than or equal to
that of the caster must individually save vs. magic or immediately die. Range: as described. Duration: 1 magic phase.
Van-Heat Cone, 12": This spell is the same as Van-Heat Cone (5M), except the cone is shaped like the standard Heat Cone, 12" Range (5M).

View Past: This spell allows the caster to observe the events in the immediate past at his present location. He may observe backward in time an amount of time equal to his own level expressed in hours Thus, a 24th level MU could observe backward in time exactly one day. The spell allows the observation of a period of time equal to the level of the caster expressed in turns Thus, our 24th level MU could observe a period of time no more than 24 minutes long. The caster must specify the time to be observed; the spell has no means of "scanning" for an event that happened at an undetermined time. The caster sees events as they would have been seen while standing at the location he is in at any point during the playback, and he may move around to change his point of view, but at no time may he leave a radius of 24" from the point at which the spell was cast, or else the playback is terminated.

Eighth Level Spells
Activate Detectors: This spell allows the caster to temporarily enchant any person or item so that, for a period of one day, that person or item will be detectible by any single detection spell that the caster chooses. Thus, a magic user could enchant a saCk of gold to answer to a Detect Iron (1M) spell, or a Good person to be picked up by a Detect Evil spell. As with other magic„ if the person being enchanted objects, he gets a saving throw against being affected. Range: caster must be within 6" of being or object to be enchanted. Duration: 24 hours.

Air Jet: This spell allows the caster to focus a powerful blast of air upon a chosen target, 3A" in diameter. This spell does damage at a rate of 1 die per level of the caster minus the range to the target hi inches. Thus, a 30th level caster could do a maximum of 24 (30-6) dice of damage to a target 6" away. Further,
only the first row of targets is guaranteed to take the full amount of damage. If the first targets hiz do not fall down, either from the damage or from the special knockdown probability, any largets standing behind the still standing target take only half of the normal damage from the spell (i.e., one-half the level of the caster, after subtraction for range). Notice that this spell can be maintained. This means that targets still in the path of the spell again take damage, but with the difference that only targets standing take full damage, and those fallen take half damage. The caster may make minor changes in the direction of the Air Jet, but no more than 45 degrees to either side of the initial direction, and, for purposes of damage, it points in a specific direction each phase, not all the angle swept through during a change of direction. Note that, since this spell forms a
powerful stream of air, that something may wander between the caster and his intended target, especially if the spell is continued for more than one phase. Also note that this spell requires a large and continuous supply of air, and cannot be used in small rooms or other close quarters. A target is knocked down by the air jet as follows: there is a chance for a knockdown equal to 10 times the level of the caster, minus the weight of the target in pounds, expressed as a percentage. Thus, a 30th level caster hitting a 250 pound target with an air jet has a 50% chance of knocking down the target. In the case of a human target, the armor and equipment weight of the target must be taken into account. Range: the spell only does damage out to a range of 24". It will continue to produce a wind for a distance equal to twice the level of the caster in inches, one which will still blow smoke and other light substances in the direction aimed. Duration: as long as maintained.
Double Phasing: This spell allows the caster to bypass the normal limitations on how often magic may be cast, as follows: in normal cases, in which only one spell may be thrown every six phases, casting this spell enables the caster to throw spells every THREE phases instead. In cases in which a spell could be thrown every phase (such as Microball (4M)), it would enable the caster to throw TWO of the same spell at the same target each phase
(i.e., TWO Microballs). The effect begins immediately, in that another spell may be, thrown only three phases after the Double Phasing spell is cast. Duration: 3 turns.
Double Ranging: This spell allows the caster to double the stated range which he could throw any following spell, for the duration of the Double Ranging spell. This means that he could throw most spells as far as 48", instead of the normal maximum magic range of 24". Duration: 3 turns. Note: this spell does not enlarge spells, such as cones or bolts, but merely lengthens the range at which they could be used, if there is any range at all. In most cases, this spell would have no effect on Cone spells, which emanate directly from the caster, or any other spell that begins AT the caster, rather than a distance away.
Homing Energy Microball: This spell is similar to Homing Electric Microball (7M), except that the damage is caused by pure energy, rather than electricity.

Homing Picket Ball Lightning: This spell is similar to Picket Ball Lightning (7M), except for the added ability to 'lock on' to a target in a manner similar to Homing Ball Lightning (6M) at the discretion of the caster.

Homing Picket Ball Of Fire: This spell is similar to Homing Picket Ball Lightning, except for the damage caused being due to fire instead of electricity.
Macrobomb: This spell creates a concussion blast similar to that of the Bomb spell (6M), except for the fact that the blast has a 6" radius, and only does damage equal to 1/4 the level of the caster (see Macroball (5M).

Macro Cold Cone: This spell creates a cone emanating from the caster that is 24" long and 24" wide at the end away from the caster, doing damage as Cold Cone (3M). Note that the outer surface of the cone is slightly curved, being exactly 24" from the caster. Also note that, due to the high cost of this spell, it takes more thal one phase to throw. (There are 100 Dexterity Counts per phase, and this spell takes 120 counts to throw.) Whoever is in the cone when it goes off will take damage, so try not to let friends wander in. Still further note that the magic user casting this spell must be aiming in the planned direction for the entire time, and may not change direction
at the last moment. Special Macro Cone Rule: after the first 100 spell points have been pumped into tlais spell, it MUST be cast, unless the physical body of the caster is destroyed.
Macro Heat Cone: This spell is similar to Macro Cold Cone, except for the damage being caused by heat see Heat Cone 

Magic-Damping Field; This spell allows the caster to create a field 6" by 6" in area, with a maximum height of 3", in which all normal magic will cease to function. This effect includes both spells and implements. In cases where a spell or implement has a, continuing effect, the spell or implement will return to functioning after the field is removed, or after the implement or spell leaves the field. In cases where a spell or implement would continue 'until dispelled', consider a Dispel Magic, at the level of the caster of the Magic Damping Field, to have been thrown at the point at which the field takes effect. If the Dispel would succeed in dispelling the spell in question, then the spell or implement will not turn back on when it leaves the field. The field will not remove the actual enchantment from any magic item, but simply turn it off so that it would have to be reactivated in whatever way is normal to that type of item. Duration of field: as long as maintained. Range: all parts of the field must be within 24" of the caster at all times.

Major Extension: This spell is similar in description and effects to Extension (5M), except for the nature of the additional duration of the spell. With Major Extension, the duration of the spell is multiplied by a roll of 1-100. This spell MUST be cast with another spell, and the spell to be extended must neither be maintained nor consist of destructive energies of any kind. Thus, a Fire Ball (3M) could not be extended, nor could a Fire Wall (4M). The primary use of this spell Is to prolong the effects of a spell such as Haste (4M) or Strength (4M). Range: as that of the companion spell thrown.

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