A gloomy day for the OSR blogosphere

Today Austrodavicus from There's dungeons down under announced he will close his blog once and (probably) for all.
I am aware of the fact that his very health is involved in this decision, so i cannot disagree with his choice. I hope he may recover as soon as possible.

I think this is a big loss in the OSR blogosphere and Austrodavicus will be greatly missed. I have been following his personal blog for some time now, and his was one of those few blogs that i particularly enjoyed to visit and ponder, i don't know why. It's like when you find someone who has a frame of mind similar to yours, you can't explain that particular feeling of pleasure you have when you stumble upon a blog that you prefer over a dozen others.

Some blogs catch (capture) the eye, others don't.

It would be great if Austrodavicus left the content online, without deleting anything. I can understand his need of withdraw from the scene, but i think that maybe the articles could remain floating in cyberspace.

How many of us will be concerned with this disappearance? I don't know, perhaps many are too fixed on gigantic blogs such as Grognardia, this is the opportunity to realize there are (seemingly) "smaller" realities which come and go, and sometimes leave us orphaned.


Sully said...

I saw this today as well, and it's definitely a bummer. He always had some good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys. Health issues are my primary reason. Deleting the blog rather than leaving it up is so that I avoid the temptation to get involved in the public side of the scene again, something I'd prefer to avoid. Having said that, I'll still post the occasional comment on people's blogs, just not on those about contentious issues.

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