You did not understand Clark Ashton Smith

"Please, dear editor, will you kindly enlighten our abysmal ignorance, as to the brand of dope Clark Ashton Smith uses? "The Eternal World" is certainly an excellent revelation of a hashish guzzler's mental processes - of all the imbecilic drive!!! His manipulation of superfluous verbiage, while qualifying him perfectly for a position as secretary of an insane asylum, certainly has no place in a magazine of scientific fiction. Understand, we're not crabbing about the use of apt or colourful expressions when they serve to strenghten and clarify description - it's those wise birds who think they can string a lot of weird, onomatopoetic adjectives and hackneyed phrases together, and dish out the resultant drool as pure science, that get us".

C. Ferry and B. Rogers, of Frankford, Michigan, published in the December 1933 issue of "Wonder Stories"


Anonymous said...

There have always been jerks in the world. We still remember and admire CAS, what did those two knotheads ever do?

Philosophical slumber said...

Yes, some years ago a friend of mine had the same feeling when i prompted him to read some of Smith's prose poems.

But again, he did not understand..

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