In praise of Rastan Saga

Rastan Saga was a game that i played a lot during my childhood, thanks Heaven there exists nowadays the wonderful MAME Emulator which enables people with a simple PC to play coin-op games from the eighties.

Rastan Saga is one of them, and it clearly takes inspiration from Conan character as found in the books by R.E. Howard.

I will always commend Rastan as a game, it still gives me thrills and i think anyone should try to play this once, especially if you are into fantasy.


aia said...

Wonderful game... i had a special room in my heart dedicated to another similar game, it is Kadash... i really loved it and i had the luck to play it again some years ago with MAME! Thanks MAME!

Pere Ubu said...

This was my game when I lived in Utah back in 1987... I still hate those damn bats!

Tony said...

My first arcade game was a Rastan upright that I picked up at auction for US$62.50. Later, I swapped out the PCB for a Cadash board for more side-scrolling fantasy adventure gaming.

Both games use the JAMMA standard so changing games was almost as easy as swapping cartridges on a home console system.

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