Behold a group of Powers & Perils fantasy rpg nowadays!

Here we are. The only photos on the WWW of a real group of human beings playing Powers & Perils in 2012!

Yes, the game is not dead, and we are in good company.
Long live Richard Snider's wisdom and his legacy! There are two players missing in these photos, maybe i'll add them later.

Rig is engrossed in the character creation process (in order to choose skills, he has to take into account starting level, NEL -new expertise level-, and maximum skill level. For a couple of minutes he was perplexed :))

James, for the first time dealing with P&P skills.

Please do not disturb Rig now. He is deeply thinking.

James is perusing the optional P&P skills (as published in Heroes magazine). Is he going to choose the eroticist skill? Possibly so.

Your humble Game master

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Anonymous said...

I remember the days of pen and paper role playing. Good times. Good times indeed. Two bottles of soda, some chips, maybe some very low volume music in the background to get us into the theme...

Yeah, those were some good times. I can remember when one of my friends' parents decided to play with us (You...? Want to play with US?! But you're a grown-up!!) for a session. He actually had a good time of it which shocked us all.

Keep us informed how the play session is going.

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