I'm going to burn every fantasy rpg on a pyre, except AD&D

Yesterday evening i took this big decision, i struggled inside me, it was hard but at last i came to the conclusion that this is the wisest choice.

I noticed that my blog doesn't attract anyone, no matters how inspiring my posts might be, i always feel isolated.

I no longer desire to feel lonesome, alone.
I want to feel to be part of a community, it is pointless to write on my blogs about fantasy rpg's no one cares about.
Why should i pretend to be so alternative? But, most of all, i miss the feeling of belonging to a community- after all, if i switch to AD&D as everyone else does, that does not necessarily means that i bow down in front of him, i should not be so proud.

All my previous efforts are futile, in the end AD&D is THE king and all the other fantasy rpg's are just hacks of it.
I don't want to be alone in my quest, i need to join your family, i am coming.
So i am going to "burn" all the other fantasy rpg's on a symbolic pyre and turn towards my new love, OUR true love, the unparalleled AD&D!

Please welcome me brothers, now i belong to the same religion as yours, and i will abide by its rules. I was so wrong.


Anonymous said...

If it wasn't April 1st I'd be saying "Resistance is useless!"

Tedankhamen said...

Screw AD&D - switch over to all Melanda!! By the way, who cares what others think?

Timmy Crabcakes said...

Oh, man... had me going there till the mention of the date. I really thought maybe you'd lost your mind.

perdustin said...

Yeah, but which edition?!?!?

Philosophical slumber said...

April's fool day!

i'll speak about the other fantasy rpg's till my last breath my dear :)

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