Which old school game you want to see reprinted

I just finished reading the post at Grognardia and apart from being pleasantly surprised in stumbling upon this:

"I'm going to to out on a limb and say Powers & Perils. I started gaming with wargames, so I was able to decipher the presentation of P&P, and to me it was very evocative. I think the designer had a clear vision, but he didn't convey it well, and in places, didn't execute it well. With some retroclone rework, though, that could be an awesome system."

which made me think how great would be a P&P reprint for the new generations-
it seems that a lot of guys out there want to see this back.

I admit i never played it, i just made a cursory reading, since i own the boxed set scanned in PDF. But i noticed something cool in it, can't say what it was but it was there among the pages. Maybe i'll post something about that in the future, as- moreover- i realized that it's one of the few boxed set i still miss in their original format.

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