Powers & Perils: really as bad as they say?

People who stumble on this blog might think that, since i planned to write about the ten "most spellbinding" fantasy rpg in the history of the hobby, i will surely put "Powers & Perils" in the first place for the very reason that i have talked a lot about it recently.

Well, this is not the case. That is not automatic. I hold in high esteem P&P, but even if i wrote hundreds of posts about it that does not necessarily means i will put it in the first place.

One of the virtues i think i have is that of being able to shift perspective, and this applies heavily on rpg's as well, this capacity enabled me in the years past to be able to evaluate and TASTE many different fantasy rpg's of the past - add to this that i personally dislike fixation on just one game, that's why i have always condemned and despised the multitude of guys around me who just couldn't move their eyes from AD&D to point them anywhere else.

Grognardia recently wrote here about the different old school traditions. Nothing truer than that.

Some days ago i noticed that on Amazon website, in the entry about Powers & Perils there is just one comment and it is a very positive one, even arguing for a reprint of the game:

One of the Best RPGs out there, ever...should even be brought back into print

There have been many games that I've seen come and go. Fantasy games. Science Fiction games. You name it, someone's put it out. P&P is one of the best games out there, above the multitudes of games that you see on the market today (most of which, sigh, combine themselves with the D20 system instead of striking out at new territories). If you want a rich, detailed, and well-developed setting and rule work, then you need to pick this game up now. It is hard to find. It is an old game. But it is worth every penny to buy it. I've worn out several of my box sets myself due to heavy use of the rulebooks (which, sadly, are paper bound ... which is the only negative thing about this game). The rules are modular, you can put in or take out what you want, you the GM and you the players are in control. Most of the time, you'll end up using D100 style rolls. The magic system is grandiose and spectacular. And if you can find it, the Perilous Lands setting is one of the wealthiest settings alive. Get this game and have a blast. Flush the D20 systems down the toilet.

Also, i recently found an interesting (and long) thread about the worthiness of Powers & Perils on RPG.NET forum, here. Check it out.

Enough for today.

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