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It seems i was in a haste the other day when i started the project on the list of the "best" fantasy rpg's in the history of the hobby.
I wrote the entry for AD&D and i said it was the ninth position. First mistake: the list is composed of, roughly, TEN games. I swear i didn't do it on purpose, but at last when i counted the games i intended to cover they were ten. We are used to hear here and there the "top ten", and i ended up with a top-ten as well.

I decided to write at least a brief entry on each game i'm going to cover, giving some information and some impressions of mine, albeit i won't go in a deep detail notwithstanding.

I have limits as everyone else, so there will be fantasy rpg's i am not able to say anything about.
Among them, fantasy rpg's that were published in other countries and are not written in english, such as this one, or this, or this, just to give the idea.
Besides, fantasy rpg's i have always wanted to peruse but never had the chance to, such as "Phantasy conclave", or "Castle Perilous". I know nothing about them, alas.

Apart from this, I can do everything else. I am obsessed with old-school fantasy rpg's and this blog is devoted to them.

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