Different disciples are scattered everywhere

The most beautiful aspect of fantasy-role playing games- taken as a whole- is to me, the fact that there are different disciples for different games at the four corners of the globe.

This is- at the same time, one of the most neglected aspect, up to the point that at times it may seem almost irrelevant- whereas that would instead be the first truth i would utter loudly to a novice who is just entered in this fascinating world.

"Know that we [worship] so to speak, very different fantasy games, and we are generally deaf to all the others".

Everything has sense until these disciples continue existing, no matter where they are located and if they are still playing the fantasy rpg they fell in love with. "Gone but not forgotten", may suffice- it is enough having fond memories of it, because we all know very well that as time passes the chances of playing regularly become increasingly shorter.

I do not call them fans, i call them Disciples.
They regard their fantasy RPG of choice as the only one, they regard its author a visionary, the authoritative voice in the field, he who was able to see with his own eyes beyond the mist of time and space, reaching a glimpse of the fantasy realm and then putting his intuition and thoughts on paper, once and for all.

These disciples may despise those who play another FRPG or they may simply ignore them.
I seldom witnessed other kinds of behaviour other than these, but it has to be so, after all- and i concur with this attitude.

The tragedy would be (for historical and scholarly reasons as well)- if these traditions succumbed, and remained only one single game.

Instead, each of these fantasy rpg is sitting on its throne as long as there are its disciples, albeit they are a few.

As an example, among my favourite fantasy rpg of all time,there is one for which there remain only a few referees scattered in the world who still play it and able to dungeon mastering it- we keep an updated list of all our names, divided by States, and -30 years after it was published we are little more than 50 dungeon masters still available in the world and able to play it.


Anonymous said...

among my favourite fantasy rpg of all time,there is one

Don't leave us hanging, name the game!!! You have made me very curious. :-)

Anonymous said...

I shouldn't comment on blogs so early in the morning. I guess the picture above is the answer to my question.

Philosophical slumber said...

No David, it's not Midgard- never translated in english as far as i know.

but don't worry,i will write about my beloved fantasy rpg's..now it's early :)

i omitted the name on purpose this time.

Anonymous said...

You tease you.

Actually I realised after I made the second comment that it can't have been Midgard as I see that game is very popular.

I look forward to you revealing the mystery game.

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