What i'm trying to understand now

Everything started when i read this today:

"Légendes celtiques : l'un des premiers jeux français (après L'Ultime épreuve et Mega) et l'un des jeux les plus complexes jamais créés (juste derrière Aftermath, je pense quand même)."



I'm not really sure, because I bought a lot of material in a few months when I discovered that tiny rpg shop not faraway from mum's home. I think it could have been Legendes celtiques, a french rpg which was a summit of 80's simulationism [James, I'm sure you would be interested to discover a bit more about french 80's rpg production].


Légendes celtiques was one of the most complex RPGs (except for Aftermath). The basic system was simple (a little like Daredevils or Bushido) but it took forever to create a character (at least two hours).


so, i got this today. i'm going to peruse it.


Phersv said...

But this cover is not Légendes, it is the simplified or basic 1987 version (called Premières Légendes). See http://www.legrog.org/jeux/legendes-celtiques

The rules were far more complex in the original 1984 rules. The character sheet was four page long and it took hours to create a character (especially if you wanted a Druid or a Wizard).

The selection of the skills was really long since you had to allocate points and calculate how the attributes could affect each skill.

Philosophical slumber said...

i have this one with this cover:

jeux descartes 1983, but depot legal 1985.

is it the one you are talking about?

I hope so, because i want the complex version

Anonymous said...

I've spent many an hour looking online for this game (and Lyonesse) and had absolutely no luck. Don't the French pirate their games?

Philosophical slumber said...

both exist in pdf format online. they have been scanned

Phersv said...

Yes, this is the version I was talking about (the cover is only the setting book without the generic rules, the cover of the whole rule-set is this).

The pirate versions are harder to find. A few sites have just closed (like www.rpglibrary.net/ for instance).

Unknown said...

Honestly, once you've filled all the numbers in your Character Sheet, the game is not so complicated.

What makes the character creation so complex is that each skill has a specific table which is needed to compute its "optimum value" (that is, the maximum value you can reach during character creation) depending on a variable number of attributes.

Another part of the fun comes from the fact you have to repeat the process 4 times, once for each health state. For instance, when you're at "-75%", your strength and agility have been divided by 4, but neither your weight nor your "gift for fighting" have, which means you cannot simply divide your skill by 4.

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