Philipp Mainländer - Can such a thing be?

“Our world”, writes philosopher Philipp Mainlander (1841- 1876) “is the means and the only means for God of achieving nonexistence”. In his view, immortality, the eternal existence, is unbearable and agonizing even for God. But as God is eternal by nature, the only way to achieve nonexistence for the immortal God, who is beyond space-time and matter, is to transfer Himself into universe, that is to escape from the logically impossible into the logically plausible".

In his theory, God - in the beginning, masterminded His own quietus. Unfortunately, God was impervious to the depredations of time. This being so, His only means to get free of Himself was by a divine form of suicide.
God’s plan to suicide himself could not work, though, as long as He existed as a unified entity outside of space-time and matter.
Seeking to nullify His oneness so that He could be delivered into nothingness, he shattered Himself—Big Bang-like—into the time-bound fragments of the universe, that is, all those objects and organisms that have been accumulating here and there for billions of years.
So, this is what happened when Reality didn't exist, that is- when only God existed (before the creation of any kind of reality whatsoever, when there was no Universe, no space,no time).

So Reality came into existence because God destroyed himself, in Mainlander's argument.
In Mainländer’s philosophy, “God knew that he could change from a state of super-reality into non-being only through the development of a real world of multiformity.” Employing this strategy, He excluded Himself from being. “God is dead,” wrote Mainländer, “and His death was the life of the world.”
Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of Mainlander’s philosophy is that it offered a possible theological explanation for one of the scientific theories of the origin of the universe, considered to be most probable at present.

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Phersv said...

It is a kind of (more pessimistic or nihilistic) "pan-deism"

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