In the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed is king


Spawn of Fashan: it's a fantasy heartbreaker of course, the worst rpg ever, as stated here. Everyone says that, so why should we give it a chance?

Runebearer: it's a fantasy heartbreaker. Too complex. Useless.

Dominion rules: guess what? a fantasy heartbreaker. It is not worth an instant of your life.

Realm of Atlantasia: It has already been criticized and almost destroyed. A fantasy heartbreaker without doubts, and pretentious.

Fantasy earth: the truth is already half-revealed in its title: a fantasy heartbreaker, whoever buys it is wasting his money, and probably has lost his brain.

Wizard's world: it's just a re-statement of old D&D, who did they think they were in order to dare writing it?

Original D&D: Hadn't it never appeared and existed, and was published today: a fantasy heartbreaker. It wouldn't be able to bamboozle anyone.Silly, incomprehensible, a mess, complex and reveling in its complexity. Abstruse.
But, the sun is going down: it's time to genuflect before it again.


perdustin said...

Original D&D represents the very start of the hobby and deserves attention if only for historical reasons. Due to the lack of influence of the "other" old school heartbreakers, they are less deserving of attention.

A person should not necessarily trust the opinions of the majority. People with the slightest interest in these games should investigate them and judge for themselves. I expect that each of these games (even The Realms of Atlantasia) has something useful to offer, but is it worth the time and effort to find these diamonds in the rough? Failed games are failures for a reason.

aia said...

To this list you'd consider to add even Legacy (far too complex and bad perceived at its launch) and the World of Synnibar...

Philosophical slumber said...

it's funny Aia, in fact i was considering adding both but then i hesitated, don't know why.

Particularly Legacy which i still do not own..

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