Mock me, scold me, crucify me.

This situation amuses me a lot.
It appears that i have everything, i am acquainted with every fantasy rpg from the beginning of the hobby until-more or less- 1989 (with a few exceptions, most notably Spawn of Fashan, alas), acquainted with everything EXCEPT Ad&d. I mean, ad&d is the game i know LESS after all, and it is the only one i don't own manuals as of today-mostly because i sold them i got rid of them in a way or another.

So, do i have the right to speak? This question amuses me and i am certain that many persons out there would regard it as a serious and valid question and argument. How dare you speak if your background is composed of several things, none of which is Dungeons & Dragons? So it appears that even if you are conversant with anything else but NOT with that SINGLE piece which is d&d, maybe you cannot be taken seriously.

So, to sum it up: i own almost every other fantasy rpg ever published, i have experience with them all, but yes, i don't have experience with AD&D. Too much time has passed since i played it last time, i forgot the rules and everything else, i must admit it, i WANT, i desire to admit it. And as time passes, i realize more amd more lucidly that ad&d is of no use to me, is irrelevant to the comprehension of fantasy in general...for how long it has been held in awe...this is puzzling to me, only this.

It's like taking away meat from your diet...you just don't die. Or taking away the alleged sweetest part...cakes and the like..you just don't die.

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Anonymous said...

The problem with that thinking is so many of the RPGs of that period simply replicated what D&D and AD&D had done - something most D&D players were doing for themselves anyway. And that being the case, your familiarity with a multitude of other games suggests that you are entirely familiar with D&D, even by proxy.

This also means that D&D is in no way irrelevant to you, for if you want to understand RPGs and what drives people to create them, you need to grasp D&D, which as I said above you clearly already do.

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