Fantasy earth is heavy on math

Maybe i wasted my money, maybe "Fantasy earth" is the worst rpg i ever bought, but i don't know.

I'm sure that it is grim and gritty, and i don't own a grittiest fantasy rpg, honestly.
I'll put some excerpts online in the future to convey the idea.

Anyway, let's read the intro of the game..

[...] some may find the rules a little dry and not exactly an exciting read. I apologize. However, they are rules[...]

The game has been criticized as too heavy on math. I hope people will not be scared off by this... ...certain sections of the rules describe graphic violence. It is not the intent of the game to glorify violence- combat is ugly, painful, and dangerous, and the intent is to portray it as such. ...the book of magic includes what some may consider gratuitous descriptions of "black" magic. The reason is not to wallow in depravity....

but, as a final note:

[...] once you have your character sheet completed, you will have almost no math to do at all. The idea is to front-load the math, so to speak, so that almost all of it can be done before play starts.


Anonymous said...

That photo is gorgeous!! Do you happen do know where it's from?

Philosophical slumber said...

probably from 7chan :)

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